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Secret Skate Town

So we can’t really classify this as a skate spot, it's more like a skate town. We stumbled across this video that was published during April 2023, of a bunch of BMX riders that had found this cool skateboarding spot / skate town in Peru called Los Organos.

Now Los Organos is a fishing / beach town located on the northern coast of Peru. It is said not to be a very popular place among travellers as it is very quiet and secluded. Being situated on the coast, there are numerous beaches that wrap along the coast, the town has a main dock / jetty which is populated mainly by fishermen.

At first glimpse this place almost looks like it is in the desert, the town backs onto rocky mountain ranges and the landscape is very dry and dusty, a real contrast to the white beaches and pristine blue water that wraps around the coastline. There are some tourist videos our there that showcase this town (all in Spanish) but it looks like it does get some tourists there from time to time. There is a crazy turtle population that inhabit the coastline but at any rate, lets get back to the skateboarding!

Heading into the city it is clear why this place has been described as a skate town, we have never seen anything like this. The streets or what looks more like the footpath are one continuous ditch, with walled banks that circle around the entire city, its insane. These footpath ditches connect the entire town, and at the top you also have these metal rails that run parallel. These ditches look to branch off and give access to different smaller streets, you have entrances to these ditches from all over the city. There are also a lot of smooth, pyramid type corner banks that pop up all over the place, if you're into DIY skateboarding and don't mind putting in some elbow grease with a broom this spot is off the charts.

We jumped on Google Maps to and give a walk through of some of these streets, the sheer length is amazing. If anyone is planning on taking a trip to Peru, this is one of the coolest skateboarding spot you must check out!


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