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Skateboarder Jumping

Skateboarding History Podcast

A skateboarding podcast taking a deep dive into the history of skateboarding.

Skate Spot Pod, is a skateboarding podcast focusing on the history of skateboarding. Every episode we feature skateparks and skate spots that were influential in developing the sport. Our aim for this podcast is to shine light on these forgotten places and raise awareness of their significance.

We are also concerned with the historic skateparks that currently still exist and are sadly falling into disrepair. We are committed to researching such places and giving them a voice in a hope that they will be recognised and protected. 


Skate Spot Pod is streaming on all podcast platforms now, check out all our episodes below.

Podcast Episodes

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S2 E11 - Skateboard herritage with Iain Borden & Patrick Sean Quinn

Iain Borden, professor of architecture and urban culture and Patrick Sean Quinn who is an archeologist have been involved in skateboarding heritage, in particular the research and preservation of second wave skateparks from the late 1970's to early 1980's. 


I wanted the to get their opinion of the Automobilen Snakerun, focusing on why this skatepark is an important structure to preserve. We also dive into a range of different skateparks, including Rom, Carslbad, Bro Bowl and much more. 


S2 E10 - Lake Tahoe Floating Ramp / The Brooklyn Banks

During 2014 Lake Tahoe floating ramp, was created as part of The Dream 365 project, working with Visit California and Bob Burnquist to showcase different stories to boost tourism in California.

Part 2, we dive into The Brooklyn Banks. This spot includes a number of iconic sections that have been used by skateboarders over the past decades.


S2 E9 - Cascade Skatepark / Charnwood Bowl.

Our first episode back for our second season and we are looking into Cascade Skatepark in Baltimore County. This skateboarding podcast looks into state of this historical skatepark and traces its history back to its construction in 1978.

We then leave Baltimore Country and take a trip over to ACT in Australia to look at another very early skatepark in the history of Australian skateboarding. The Charnwood Bowl, is classified as Australia's second oldest skatepark and still stands, very ridable to this day.


SE1 E8 - Skatepark Arenys de Munt / Speed World

This episode, we dive into Spains Oldest skatepark. This entire skatepark was left buried underground from the 80's until it was resurrected in 2012. This podcast traces the story of skatepark Arenys and the journey of excavating the entire park. 

In part 2, we look at Speed World, Oregon's first concrete skatepark. Opened during 1977, Speed World's short history has been left totally non existent. We aim to shed light on this old skatepark that has been lost over the past decades. It to is still buried underground on the grounds of a famous raceway. 


S1 E7 - Chinks Peak Idaho

Idaho's oldest skatepark still exists. A privately built park that was opened during 1978 and closed during the early 80's. Chinks Peak has been left for decades in the small town of Pocatello, Idaho. This podcast digs into the skateparks history, along with retracing the steps on how it has been left in this state for such a prolonged period of time virtually untouched.

Chinks Peak is another skatepark that is virtually lost to history. Our goal is to try and bring some awareness to this place so its recognised for its contribution to skateboarding history.


S1 E6 - Mikasa / PARCUR Chapultepec

This lost skatepark located on the island of Hokkaido Japan is an interesting one. Nestled in between high mountains in the rural town of Mikasa lies a beast of a skatepark, nicknamed "The Death Bowl". Mikasa's history is virtually unknown, so we try to piece together as much history as possible in this podcast episode.

Part 2 of this skateboarding podcast we take a look at a modern skatepark that was completed during 2022. PARCUR Chapultepec in Mexico City, was constructed on the grounds of an old water park called Atlantis. We look into the history of Atlantis and what lead up to the project of constructing this amazing skatepark on this piece of land.

Lost-Malaysian-Skatepark (1).jpeg

S1 E5 - Lost Jungle Skatepark / Tony Alva Mystery

Located in the remote jungle of Shah Alam in Malaysia, lies the lost skatepark Bukit Cerakah. Built in 1989, this was the first concrete skatepark to be built in Malaysia. Yet, over the years it was abandoned and left for the jungle to claim it.


Part 2 of our skateboarding podcast, features a skate mystery that is still unsolved to this day featuring Tony Alva during his first tour of Europe in 1978. 


S1 E4 - Tea Bowls / Log Flume U-Pipe

The story of the Tea Bowls, located in Santa Barbara, California. Skateboarding pioneer and legend Tom Sims discovers the drained reservoirs and it changes to course of skateboarding forever.

In part 2 we explore Sweden's endless u-pipe. A 500 meter abandoned log flume that sits 6 feet above the forest floor. A truly epic spot that should be one the bucket list for any skateboarder.


S1 E3 - Clube 12 Snakerun / Oldenzaal 

Clube 12, one of the most gnarly snakeruns to exist. A downhill run that was not for the faint hearted, located in Brazil it still stands to this day. Despite being abandoned and left to rot, this was the birthplace for skateboarding in brazil during the 70's.

During part 2 we explore another iconic 70's snakerun. Oldenaal Netherlands, is a 130 meter long snakerun that was built in 1978. This skatepark is still in use today, with annual competitions held.  


S1 E2 - Wet Willys / Rooler Gab

Wet Willy, a 500 foot concrete waterslide built on a 40-foot hill was abandoned during the late 90's. Adopted by skateboarders, it was a one of a kind and a insane structure that claimed multiple lives.

During part 2 we take a trip to France and dig into an abandoned skate utopia called Rooler Gab. A 1.2km downhill run that was accessible by a ski lift.   


S1 E1 - Automobilen -Falkenberg Snakerun

Our pilot podcast. The story of Sweden's first skatepark and retracing it's history that has been lost for decades. The story of this park gave birth to the idea to start this skateboarding podcast. This is one very special place that is on the brink of total destruction.

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